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ASAP 911 Off-Road Emergency Patrol and Rescue Vehicles

Off Road Vehicles to Fit your EMS and Firefighting Needs Anywhere You Need to Go

Nassau Fire Apparatus is proud to offer a new line from ASAP 911 that deals mainly with off-road emergency patrol and rescue vehicles.  These emergency vehicles are perfect for all kinds of situations where a normal ambulance, patrol car, or fire truck could simply not go because of size, terrain or weather.

Nassau Fire Apparatus now offers the three off-road vehicles of the ASAP 911 line which include the MedStat ambulance, WildFire mini fire truck, and the Lifeguard beach and trail patrol vehicle. The MedStat ambulance is basically a mobile ambulance made for off-road purposes. It is a mini ambulance that can handle rough terrain and fit in tight spaces, perfect for patrolling outdoor concerts and sporting events or conducting urban and inner city search and rescue. The Wildfire is a mobile fire truck that can go where larger fire apparatuses just cannot. It is perfect for being used as brush fire trucks or a forest fire vehicle. Lastly, the LifeGuard is perfect as a beach rescue vehicle or patrolling trails, recreational and park areas.  Also, because of their ruggedness, any of these vehicles can be used in bad weather and would be perfect in assisting in a snow rescue as they are ideal snow vehicles.

Nassau Fire Apparatus currently covers the areas of Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Maine,  Upstate New York (NY counties of St. Lawrence, Franklin, Clinton, and Essex) as well as Long Island, NY. 

Each fire station or emergency response unit has different off-road vehicle needs, so contact Nassau Fire Apparatus today for a complete assessment. Click here to request more information on these off-road vehicles or call us today at 877-538-8220!


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ASAP 911 Model Options - MedStat, WildFire, and LifeGuard

Choose between the off-road emergency vehicle with the MedStat ambulance, the off-road mini fire truck with the WildFire, or the off-road beach and trail rescue vehicle with the LifeGuard! Click on the models below to see more information!







Off-Road Vehicles Get Your Firefighters and EMS Personnel Where They Need to Be - Fast

All three of these off-road vehicles use the rugged Polaris Ranger 6x6 chassis, have a 40 HP engine, and can travel at speeds of up to 40 MPH. These rescue vehicles also have an independent suspension and on-demand six wheel drive. No matter which line you choose, you will be getting a rescue ATV that will allow your emergency service providers and private entities the ability to execute in any situation or weather that demands all-terrain performance.

Very similar to the John Deere gator vehicle, these off-road vehicles come in handy in a multitude of situations and on many different landscapes. Choose from any of the following rescue vehicles:

  • MedStat mobile ambulance:This mini ambulance is perfect for EMS providers who need to get into small places or drive over rough terrain to perform patrol or rescue duties in places such as college campuses, racetracks, or remote rescues.
  • WildFire mini fire truck: This mobile fire truck is great to use as a forest fire vehicle or brush fire truck.  When space or terrain is a concern, this rescue vehicle will get you to the next wildfire, parking garage fire, or car fire in no time and no hassle.
  • Lifeguard beach rescue vehicle: This beach and trail patrol and rescue vehicle is perfect for beach terrain and weather.  If you will need a compact but rugged rescue vehicle to patrol beaches, shorelines, parks resorts, golf courses and or bike trails, this is the off-road emergency rescue vehicle for your organization.

Nassau Fire Apparatus is proud to be a dealer for the ASAP 911 Off-Road Emergency Vehicles. Click here to request more information on these rescue vehicles or as always, feel free to give us a call to discuss your off-road vehicle needs at 877-538-8220!

ASAP 911 Off-Road Vehicle Applications

  • Emergency Support: Remote Rescue, Shoreline Rescue, Urban Search, Inner City Rescue
  • Event Support: Concerts, Stadiums, Racetracks, Sporting Events, College Campuses
  • Recreational Support: Beaches, Parks, Resorts, Golf Courses, Bike Trails
  • Industrial Support: Factories, Airports, Ship Yards, Construction Sites
  • Military Support: Testing and Training Ranges, Civil Support Training, Military Police, CBRN, Casualty Evacuation
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