During Crash Course 2011, there were 10 hands-on stations where 225 students applied their vehicle extrication training to destroy over 200 cars using Genesis Rescue Tools.  Under complicated scenarios, students learned to maintain a high level of safety while freeing victims from vehicle wreckage as quickly as possible.

Howell Rescue Systems, Inc. has been doing this Crash Course training for 22 years. For the first time, they brought in someone from the outside to help advance their training course.  Ed Hadfield, a crash test engineer from General Motors, joined the team this year and was kind enough to bring a Chevy Volt with him to subject to the extrication tools and training sessions.

The Chevrolet Volt is a special type of vehicle because it is an EREV or Extended Range Electric Vehicle. It’s not a hybrid;  a hybrid runs on gasoline and electricity in conjunction with each other. The Chevy Volt operates on electricity at all times using a 360 VC high voltage battery.  This battery also contains lithium ion technology which needs to be protected in any kind of crash condition. Because of that, most of the vehicle is made of very hard strength material such as press hardened steel (PHS) or martensitic steel.

With these unique features of the Chevy Volt, extrication has to be done slightly different and you have to be sure you have capable rescue tools to get the job done.  Howell Rescue Systems was asked to be involved in the Chevy Volt program for these very reasons.  The performance and reputation of the Genesis Rescue Tools in the fire service is outstanding and always up for the challenge to demonstrate the brute force their hydraulic tools can produce while also being NFPA 1936 compliant in the safety standards of extrication rescue tools.

Ed Hadfield from General Motors conducted a 2 hour classroom session at Crash Course 2011 as part of the Chevrolet On Star First Responder Training Tour.  Everyone in attendance left with a package that they could take back to their own departments and train their own personnel on the special requirements needed to extricate a Chevy Volt.  After the training session, students were given the opportunity to put their new knowledge to the test on the unforgiving frame of a Chevy Volt.

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