Nassau Fire Apparatus is a reseller of Mermaid Manufacturing medical division products. This leading manufacturer has mobile refrigeration, drug cabinets and drug box units that can accommodate a variety of emergency rescue vehicles and specifications.

Climate controlled drug cabinets have always been an important item for any ambulance because it allows you to preserve and protect precious medical supplies and drugs, insuring they are maintained at the proper temperature. An EMS team can face many problems on any given call, so worrying about medical and drug supplies should not be one of them. Drug and Saline storage and temperature maintenance is a serious issue because many items need to be refrigerated to a specific temperature.  Having an effective refrigeration unit on board is imperative.

With that in mind Mermaid Manufacturing has developed its newest product, the Medi-Kool Dual Temp Unit.

The MK Dual Temp Unit is designed to maintain two separate temperatures within two sections in one unit. Each section is controlled by its own climate control board so, for example, this is perfect for saline on one side and drug storage on the other.  When each individual compartment maintains its needed temperature, there is only a need for one storage unit!

With this stainless steel MK Dual Temp unit, you can have either right hinge and/or left hinge doors with several lock options.  The temperature settings range from 17  to 80 degrees F.  Click here to see more standard specifications on this new Dual Temp drug box!

This MK Dual Temp unit by Mermaid Manufacturing is available now, so contact Nassau Fire Apparatus today at 1-877-538-8220!