A manufacturer of custom cabinet systems specifically designed for emergency vehicles, Odyssey Automotive Specialty announced the first new Ford Explorer slide forward cabinet system. Odyssey offers three mounting platforms and all cabinet systems are custom built to order offering unlimited options and designs with only a 3 to 4 week production time. The sliding platform and hinged platform systems also allow access to the spare tire and under floor storage.

Due to the ever-changing regulations of NFPA, many smaller SUVs are slowly becoming a sort of “crossover” style vehicle where they are used for every day events as well as emergency response. The challenge with the new Ford Explorer SUV is that the storage and spare tire located in the rear of the vehicle are only accessible from the interior of the vehicle, making it difficult to install equipment and command cabinetry necessary for the emergency services.

Video on the Odyssey Slide Forward Cabinets featured on a Ford Explorer below!

As always, Odyssey welcomed the challenge and designed custom cabinet systems from a single drawer unit to a multi-compartment system that will safely and securely mount in the rear. The new Odyssey system uses a steel sub structure with heavy duty slides and a release mechanism enabling the entire system to slide forward to reveal the additional storage and provide full accessibility to the spare tire.

The top features to note on this new cabinet systems for the 2011/2012 Ford Explorer are:

  • Heavy duty drawer system
  • Fully welded aluminum drawer
  • Heavy duty stainless steel slides
  • Positive latching system, no rattles
  • Steel sub structure
  • Utilizes Ford mounting points
  • Full access to the spare tire

Ford will offer the all new Police Interceptor Utility in early 2012. With this being the first approved 4-wheel drive pursuit vehicle, Odyssey expects Ford’s new Police Interceptor to be very popular. As always, Odyssey will continues to offer new products for this vehicle to accommodate the Emergency Service Industry.

Nassau Fire Apparatus is a certified dealer of Odyssey Automotive Specialty. Call us at 877-538-8220 to schedule your demo of the Ford Explorer Slide Forward Cabinet Systems or download a brochure on the Odyssey Cabinets here today!