Rosenbauer Aerial Fire Trucks

Through our partnership with Eagle Fire Equipment, we are the premier distributor for Rosenbauer Fire Trucks in parts of New York and New Jersey. We carry the complete line of Rosenbauer Aerials, which includes Viper Aerials, Cobra Aerial Platforms, the Raptor Aerial, T-Rex Articulating Platform, Roadrunner Watertower, and Tractor Drawn Aerial (TDA).

Why Choose a Rosenbauer Aerial?  

Aerial fire trucks are a huge budget expense and major investment for a department. Focused on dependability, longevity, and serviceability, Rosenbauer Aerials are designed to last and ensure everyone on board makes it home safely.

Constructed with 70k and 100k material, the sturdy steel construction comes two ways. You can choose hot-dip galvanized steel or painted steel. Hot-dip galvanized steel provides maximum protection against corrosion and makes the aerial virtually maintenance free. Painted steel aerials look great and are strong. Both options are a great value.

Design elements such as the three-piece swivel makes it easy to perform maintenance and service checks. A non-aluminum center hydraulic spool allows for higher hydraulic operating pressures and reduced thermal issues.

If you’re looking to make a quality purchase for your next aerial fire truck, think Rosenbauer.

Types of Rosenbauer Aerials

Viper Aerials

rosenbauer-motors-commanderRosenbauer Viper Aerials combine the latest technology to automate safety systems and simplify operations. Known as Rosenbauer’s SMART Aerials, the programmable logic control operating system uses absolute encoders and linear leveling systems to monitor all functions continuously. SMART features include an Aerial Command Seat (ACS), single joystick operation, command pedestal, remote operations, Aerial Rescue Mode, collision control, aerial control screen, autobedding, and the safest short jacking possible.

Viper Aerial ladder heights come in 100’ and 78’ with 750-pound tip load capacity, giving a vertical reach of 60’ to 125’. They are available in rear-mount or mid-mount on the FX, EXT, CT and FL apparatus bodies. With water tank options ranging from 300-2500 gallons they can deliver a SMART Aerials flow rate of 1000 GPM to 2000 GPM.

Additional features include:

  • Easy-to-deploy side stack hose bed for 1,000 feet of rubberized 5-inch intake hose
  • LED Rung lighting for maximum lighting and minimal amp draws at night
  • EZ Load™ hose bed which lowers off the side of the apparatus for easy access to the well
  • Ladder storage options that fit your entire NFPA ladder in the torque box
  • EZ Climb™ stairs for safe crew onboarding

Download the Viper Aerials Brochure to learn more>>

Cobra Aerial Platforms

South Lockport, NY so# 73515

Rosenbauer Cobra platforms are built to last decades. If you’re looking for a platform with maximum reach and capacity, consider a Cobra. They offer 75’ to 104’ of vertical reach and are available in a mid-mount or rear-mount configuration. Both configurations are ideal for rescues with limited maneuverability, giving you optimal access to hard-to-reach places. However, for a lower profile and better overhead clearance, choose a mid-mount platform.  For maximum reach and capacity, make it a rear-mount platform.

Rosenbauer Cobra Aerial Platforms include the Rosenbauer SMART programming standard. This collection of unrivaled features enhances the safety and performance of the aerial fire truck.  Twin double-acting cylinders provide -12 to +75 degrees of aerial operation and easy access for firefighters. With a water tank option up to 500 gallons and a fire pump flow rate up to 2000 GPM, Cobra Aerials are made to perform.

Additional features include:

  • Easy-to-deploy side stack hose bed
  • LED Rung lighting for maximum lighting and minimal amp draws at night
  • EZ Load™ hose bed which will store 1,500 feet of rubberized 5-inch intake hose
  • Ladder storage options that fit your entire NFPA ladder in the torque box
  • EZ Climb™ stairs for safe crew onboarding

Download the Cobra Aerial Platforms Brochure to learn more>>

Raptor Aerial

raptor-aerial-tower-ladder-firetruckThe Rosenbauer 102’ Raptor aerial fire truck does more than just flow water. With a single rear axle and a short wheelbase, it’s the quickest and most maneuverable aerial ladder on the market. Offering first-class performance in less-than-ideal rescue conditions, the Raptor Aerial all-purpose tactical ladder truck helps firefighters operate on uneven terrain and below grade with more versatility and safety than any other aerial device. The on-board CAN-Bus electrical system enables firefighters to set the stabilizers, raise the aerial 102 feet and rotate 90 degrees in less than 60 seconds! With a 1500 GPM fire pump, a water tank up to 300 gallons, and several foam system options, the Raptor will meet your fire suppression needs.

Download the Raptor Aerial Brochure to learn more>>

T-Rex Articulating Platform

115-trex-new-firetruckThe Rosenbauer T-Rex is the fastest and most powerful articulating platform in the industry. Built with solid construction, multiple compartments, and a reliable chassis, the T-Rex will ensure your department is always ready to serve. The on-board CAN-bus electronic system will set the stabilizers, raise the aerial 115’ in the air and rotate 90 degrees in less than 95 seconds! It is fully NFPA compliant as an aerial platform or a quint with a midship pump, 300-gallon water tank, hose storage bed and 115’ of ground ladders.

Download the T-Rex Articulating Platform Brochure to learn more>>

Roadrunner WaterTower

roadrunner-fire-truck-pumper-aerialThis multipurpose fire apparatus offers the firepower of a full pumper and the reach of an aerial. Manufactured entirely at Rosenbauer, the Roadrunner is available on a custom or commercial chassis and comes with a variety of tank sizes. Equipped to extinguish fires from any angle, the Roadrunner includes a high-powered, wide sweeping nozzle. A great choice for industrial applications as well, it is available with a foam system and chemical extinguishing options too.

(TDA) Tractor Drawn Aerial

Rancho Cucmonga - RSD Commander TDA so 7396

A classic North American fire truck option, a Tractor Drawn Aerial has many. These fire trucks are well known for their exceptional performance navigating narrow streets, maze-like building complexes, and cul-de-sac laden subdivisions. Rosenbauer’s tiller program offers multiple body construction choices, tillerman cab styles, and corrosion resistant coatings for the aerial device.



Specification OptionsViper AerialCobra Aerial PlatformT-Rex Articulating Platform
Ladder Reach69'-125' Vertical Reach (125' 5-Section,109' 4-Section, 100' 4-Section, 85' 3-Section, 78' 3-Section, 65' 3-Section, 65' 2-Section, 60' 2-Section)75'-104' Vertical Reach115' Vertical Reach / 93' Side Reach at 0° (Full Capacity)
Payload Capacity500 lbs. dry1000 lbs. dry1400 lbs. Dry / 1150 lbs. Wet
Wind Rating50 MPH Unrestricted50 MPH Unrestricted31 MPH Unrestricted / 39 MPH with Restrictions
Ice Rating1/2"1/4"Variable - Load Continuously Monitored by System
Below Grade Operations-10 Degrees-12 Degrees18' Below Grade
Aerial ControlsAerial Command Seat/Aerial Command Pedestal, Manual Control StandRosenbauer SMART Controls - Standard pedestal or ACSSoft touch Controls
Stabilizer Spread13'6"-15'6"15'6" - 17'6"19' 5"
Stabilizer2 Rear Out and Down / 2 Front and 2 Rear Out and Down2 Front/2 RearH-Style / Auto-Leveling with Variable Jacking / Safe Operation over Short-Jacked Side Permitted with Continuous 360°
Water TankUp to 500 GallonsUp to 500 GallonsUp to 300 Gallons
Pumps Capacity RangeUp to 2000 GPMUp to 2000 GPMHale 8FG 2000 GPM
Aerial FinishHot Dip Galvanized, Painted / Painted Hot Dip GalvanizedHot Dip Galvanized, Painted / Painted Hot Dip GalvanizedN/A
Custom ChassisCommander, HMECommander, HMEN/A