Rosenbauer Aircraft Rescue Fire Trucks

Through our partnership with Eagle Fire Equipment, we are the premier distributor for Rosenbauer Fire Trucks in parts of New York and New Jersey. We carry the complete line of Rosenbauer Aircraft Rescues, which includes the Panther 4×4/Air Transport, the Panther 6×6, and the Airwolf Class 2 and 3 fire trucks.

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Built by firefighters, for firefighters.

From the start in 1866, Rosenbauer’s core business has been building quality fire apparatus. Their ARFF staff is composed of firefighters with direct ARFF experience gained through careers as professional airport rescue firefighters. With this insider knowledge, Rosenbauer could respond to the unique needs of the industry.

With safety at the forefront of all ARFF vehicles, Rosenbauer ensured that each one exceeded NFPA 414 and FAAC 150/5200-10E specifications. After safety was covered, they worked to make it effective for the airfield emergency response needs, including features such as selectable foam proportioning, high efficiency water pumps, and integrated ergonomic control design. With over 700 ARFF vehicles stationed in over 25 countries, it’s clear that Rosenbauer is a reliable choice.

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Learn more about the different aircraft rescue fire truck options available through Rosenbauer, including the Panther 4x4/Air Transport, Panther 6x6, and the Airwolf Class 2 and 3.
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Types of Rosenbauer Aircraft Rescue Fire Trucks

Panther 4×4 and 6×6


With a specially designed frame, coupled with Rosenbauer’s High Performance Coil Spring Suspension (HPCS), the Panther has the lowest center of gravity in the industry. That’s imperative when an emergency arises that is dependent on your vehicle’s performance. The Panther is ergonomically designed for simplicity and ease of operation with cabs that are spacious, safe and easy to enter and exit. Chassis functions are within reach of the driver, and all firefighting controls and functions are color-coded for easy identification. And with seating for up to five crew members, the advanced design of the Rosenbauer Panther makes it the logical choice for airfield emergency situations.

Choose between:

  • Panther 4×4 / Air Transport: Panther AT is a low profile, narrow body for air transport purposes.
  • Panther 6×6: Panther 6×6 Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting Firetruck including the High Reach Extendable Turret (HRET)

Airwolf Class 2 & 3

4-door-largeRapid Intervention Vehicles are essential to providing fire protective services on airport grounds. The Airwolf series offers ARFF Class 2 & 3 vehicles.
Expansive Storage: With maximum flexibility in design, you have the ability to customize your equipment storage to meet your specific needs on the Airwolf.
Reel Mounting: Power reels can be mounted below the cab and protected behind aluminum diamond plate step well, allowing for easy and quick access.
Rear Mount Pump: The Airwolf comes standard with a 250 GPM separate engine driven pump system mounted in the rear compartment, which provides customers with a shorter wheel base and increased visibility of the fire ground for the pump operator.

Specification OptionsPanther 4x4Panther 6x6
Engine760 HP Detroit Diesel760 HP Detroit Diesel
TransmissionTwin Disc Electronic TransmissionTwin Disc Electronic Transmission
Capacity1500 Water / 200 Foam3000 Water / 400 Gallon Foam
PumpR600 / 1850 GPMR600 / 1850 GPM
Dry Chem500 lb.500 lb.
Exterior Turret DischargesRosenbauer 7300 Roof / Rosenbauer 7100 BumperRosenbauer 7300 Roof / Rosenbauer 7300 Bumper
Weight57,000 (loaded)85,000 (loaded)
Acceleration0-50 within 25 seconds0-50 within 35 seconds