Rosenbauer Custom Fire Chassis

Through our partnership with Eagle Fire Equipment, we are the premier distributor for Rosenbauer Fire Trucks in parts of New York and New Jersey. We can create any needed chassis setup with customization, including the Commander 4000 series, the Commander 3000 series, and the Warrior custom fire chassis.

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Learn more about the different custom fire chassis options available through the Commander custom chassis, including the Commander 4000 series and the Commander 3000 series.
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Types of Rosenbauer Custom Fire Chassis

Commander Custom Fire Chassis

cockpit_1_3Before the Commander custom fire chassis was produced, Rosenbauer conducted meetings for an entire year with firefighters and fleet crews gathering up their needs and recommendations. These requests were then handed over to a team of engineers to make it a reality. The results were outstanding vehicle performance, unparalleled cab ergonomics, enhanced firefighter safety features and much more at an affordable price. The one-piece windshield offers an unobstructed view of road ahead. The interior provides a spacious cabin where drivers and officers can experience a very comfortable ride with an angled engine tunnel. The Commander chassis also handles very well; the performance and responsiveness of the Commander is in league by itself. Overall, the Commander custom fire chassis delivers on all the needs and wants of the modern-day firefighter.

This industry-changing chassis comes in two different options: The Commander 4000 series and the Commander 3000 series. The 4000 Model has engines available up to 600 HP and is Rosenbauer’s premier chassis. The 3000 Model is limited to 450 HP engine rating. The 3000 Model also has design features and options that are priced more economically, but still includes all the best in class features you expect with the Commander chassis. The 4000 series offers engine models up to the ISX 15L 600 HP and the 4000 EVS transmission.

Download the Commander Series Brochure to learn more>>

Warrior Custom Fire Chassis

cramp-angleRosenbauer’s Warrior custom fire chassis is ideal for departments with narrow streets or roadways. A cost-effective chassis, the Warrior features a 96″ cab width in four configurations. The all-aluminum constructed Warrior cab has seating for up to four crew, plus the operator and officer.

Available Features

  • Fire Truck Pumps: Rosenbauer N & NH Series Normal and High Pressure Fire Pumps for fire trucks.
  • Green Star IRT: Green Star idle reduction technology is the original auxiliary power unit engineered for the fire service.
  • Fire Truck Bodies: Firetruck body styles (EXT, FX, and CT)
  • Chassis Coating: Hot Dip Galvanized (standard is Powder Coated)

Download the Warrior Brochure to learn more>>