Rosenbauer Industrial Fire Trucks

Through our partnership with Eagle Fire Equipment, we are the premier distributor for Rosenbauer Fire Trucks in parts of New York and New Jersey. We carry the complete line of Rosenbauer Industrials, which includes custom and commercial industrial fire trucks.

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Learn more about the different industrial fire truck options available through Rosenbauer, including custom and commercial tankers.
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Types of Rosenbauer Industrials

rosenbauer-industrial-firefighing-truckDue to the unique requirements of Industrial Emergency needs, Rosenbauer offers a full line of custom and commercial chassis that meet the most stringent safety standards. This allows us to work within the operational and budget requirements of even the most complex apparatus purchases. Notable features and options include:

  • Apparatus Body: Because of the many unique and demanding needs of industrial fire trucks, Rosenbauer offers a diverse selection of designs. From heavy-duty extruded aluminum to formed aluminum and stainless steel bodies, each is customized to your specifications.
  • Dry Chemical Systems: We can help you select the proper system for your department, ranging from a 250 lb to 2000 lb system.
  • Operations Panel: Even with the most complex industrial system, we can deliver an easy-to-understand operations panel with a top mount, side mount, rear mount or safe scene style.
  • Foam Systems: Rosenbauer can design engineer and install the foam system needed for your organization.
  • Storage: Rosenbauer designs the industrial fire truck bodies to maximize available space in all compartments.

Industrial Fire Trucks include:

  • Aerial Vehicles: Whether you need an elevated waterway, articulating platform or a straight aerial, Rosenbauer can meet your unique and demanding needs with our full line of aerial apparatus, capable of flowing up to 4500 GPM from our wide variety of aerial devices.
  • ARFF Vehicles: Do you protect an airfield? Do you have severe off-road areas that you need to reach? Rosenbauer offers a full line of ARFF vehicles that can traverse even the most treacherous of terrain. Rosenbauer’s 4X4, 6X6 and 6X6 HRET vehicles will meet even the most difficult challenges.
  • Rescue Vehicles: Because your emergencies are not typical, Rosenbauer custom builds each of its apparatus to include all the features you need to get the job done safely and effectively.
Specification Options
Body OptionsFX, EXT
Body Material1/8" or 3/16" Aluminum or 10 or 12 Gauge Steel
Compartment Height Max72" (additional height with special engineering)
Compartment Depth Max26"
Pump Capacity RangeUp to 4500 GPM
Pumpers AvailableRosenbauer, Hale
Pump PlacementSide, Top, Enclosed, Rear, Safe Scene
ChassisCommander, HME | Freightliner, IH
Foam SystemsRosenbauer Hydromatic, Williams Hot Shot
MonitorsRosenbauer RM 130, TFT Monsoon, Williams Ranger 3, Ambassador
Dry ChemicalFire Combat up to 2000 lbs