Rosenbauer Pumper Fire Trucks

Through our partnership with Eagle Fire Equipment, we are the premier distributor for Rosenbauer Fire Trucks in parts of New York and New Jersey. We carry the complete line of Rosenbauer Pumpers, which includes custom pumpers, rear mount pumpers, and commercial pumpers.

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Learn more about the different pumper fire truck options available through Rosenbauer, including custom pumpers, rear mount pumpers, and commercial pumpers.
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Types of Rosenbauer Pumpers

Custom Pumpers

parkland-loWith over 145 years of experience building industry leading fire apparatus, Rosenbauer has the expertise to design and build a custom pumper truck to meet your needs. They understand that a pumper unit is the backbone of your firefighting fleet and will deliver a unit up to the task of responding to every incident as the first piece of equipment on scene.

Rosenbauer offers more body construction options than any competitor. This includes two custom chassis options:

  • Commander Chassis
  • Warrior Chassis

Designed from input of active firefighters, fleet managers, and fire chiefs, these custom chassis are feature-rich. They offer outstanding vehicle performance, unparalleled cab ergonomics, and safety-focused features at an affordable price.

Custom pumpers are available in:

  • Rear Mount – This option offers more compartment area for equipment storage, which delivers easy access during calls. Pump control panels can be located on the operator’s, back, or curb side.
  • Side Mount – This is the most popular option among fire departments due to its tried and true use over the years.
  • Top Mount – This is the safest location for your pump operator and includes options for crosslays, and storage under the pump control or as a standalone section mounted behind the cab wall.

Rear Mount Pumpers

ext-rp3-rosenbauer-firetruckA Rosenbauer rear mount pumper will help you reduce your overall vehicle length by eliminating the large traditional pump house. The pump control panel can be located as a true rear-mount – with all controls enclosed in the rear compartment – or side mounted on the officer’s or operator’s side.

Unlike rear-mounts from other manufacturers, Rosenbauer’s rear mount pumpers don’t compromise on equipment storage space. Their design engineers will work with your department to develop an engineering schematic that addresses all of your equipment and rescue tool needs; they are experts in customized equipment mounting.

Commercial Pumpers

sioux-falls-fire-rescue-rosenbauer-fire-truck-engine-1-smart-cabRosenbauer designs and builds pumper fire trucks on all major commercial vocational chassis. In addition, they also manufacturer their own chassis options, the Timberwolf and Maverick urban interface models. Here are the quick benefits of each:

Commercial Chassis: These are budget-friendly and allow ease of maintenance for fleet managers looking to standardize chassis platforms or outsource work to another service center.

Timberwolf Urban Interface Pumper: This chassis is a NFPA 1901 Class A rated structural firefighting engine and wildland fire apparatus.

Maverick Rural/Urban Pumper Tanker: Giving you the best of both worlds, this apparatus combines a commercial pumper with a rural tanker for an excellent initial attack vehicle.

Specification OptionsCustom PumpersRear Mount Pumpers
Body OptionsEXT, FX, CT, FL, MP3, TP3< RP3, CrossfireEXT, FX, RP3, Timberwolf
Body Material (Aluminum)1/8" or 3/16"1/8" or 3/16"
Body Material (Steel)10 or 12 Gauge Steel10 or 12 Gauge
Compartment Height Max72" (Additional height with special engineering)72"
Compartment Depth Max26"26"
Pump Capacity Range250 GPM - 2000 GPM250 GPM - 2000 GPM
Pumps AvailableRosenbauer, Waterous, Darley, HaleRosenbauer, Waterous, Darley, Hale
Pump Mount LocationsSide, Top, Enclosed, Rear, Safe SceneN/A
Custom ChassisCommander (96", 99"), HMECommander
Commercial ChassisN/AAll major manufacturers