This week, we are really pleased to announce our strategic partnership with Arrowhead Equipment, Inc. of Queensbury and Albany, New York.  This partnership with Arrowhead Equipment, Inc. will allow us to provide an enhanced, high level of ambulance sales and service to our customers. 

For the past 22 years,  Arrowhead Equipment, Inc. has been a top level sales and service supplier in the Capital District, Glens Falls area, and the upstate regions of New York state.  They, like us, have always strived to make service after the sale their #1 priority. Together, we are offering sales and service to our customers that cannot be matched anywhere else in the region and like this latest partnership, we will continue to expand our service segment in the coming months and years.

More on Arrowhead: Arrowhead Equipment, Inc. installs heavy duty truck components on municipal, military, fire and rescue, and HD vehicles. They custom mount hardware and electrical components including dump bodies, service bodies, van bodies, platform bodies, AWD tractor and snow blowers, snow pushers, snow plows, cranes, sweepers, leaf blowers, and accessories such as lights, hitches, auxilary axels, liftgates, and more.

Recently, they added a fire apparatus division, which is where Nassau Fire Apparatus customers can benefit. The division is run by Travis Croteau, an individual with 26 years of fire fighting experience and 15 years experience in municipal equipment, fire apparatus sales design and service. The fire apparatus division provides servicing of not only fire pumps, but hydraulic & direct drive generators, hydraulic tools, small engine repairs and on site pump testing.  They offer all types of collision & corrosion repairs, as well as refurbishment of existing fire apparatus, and custom mounting & fabrication services.

Working together, Nassau Fire Apparatus and Arrowhead Equipment, Inc. will deliver top notch sales and service to organizations in the New York and Vermont area. We are very excited about this strategic partnership!