Braun Chief XL Ambulance

The Braun Chief XL provides the optimum in room, storage, and comfort. Built on your choice of one of the following chassis types:

    • Ford E-450 Chief XL (Type III)
    • Ford F-450 Chief XL (Type I)
    • Chevy G-4500 Chief XL (Type III)
    • RAM 4500 Chief XL (Type I)
    • International TerraStar (Type I)

With the Chief XL, you get a powerful vehicle with one of the highest usable payloads in the industry. The Chief XL SolidBody™ construction boasts headroom height of 72″ while taking advantage of the module’s length by providing maximum storage both inside and out. Available in the standard package or customized to meet your specific requirements, the Chief XL provides value, comfort, and safety for the patient and crew.

With the exclusive EZ Glide™ door, safety and convenience are key advantages for your EMTs. By sliding the door out of the way, snug against the module, the door does not open into traffic or restrict personnel from entering or leaving the module. Combined with the MasterTech III™ multiplex system and VitalMax™ lighting, the Braun Chief XL is the top choice of departments needing quality and reliability for today’s ambulance services.

The Chief XL combines the advantages of an impressive module length, storage space, interior room, and high payload in a Type I or Type III configuration. Exterior sides are lowered to offset the higher frame rail height of the F-Series, providing even larger storage capacity in the exterior compartments than even the Type III Chief XL. Interior headroom of 72″ and the efficient use of space allows for exceptional roominess.

Standard Specifications

 RAM 4500E-450F-450G-4500Int. Terrastar
Wheel Base192158189159183
Overall Length306.5272.75301.5279291
Overal Width9898989898
Overall Height110106.5110106.5111
Module Length169169169169169
**Module Width**96**96**96**96**96
Module Headroom7272727272

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“Our police department’s ambulance fleet consists of approximately 40 Braun Chief XL ambulances. I am not only satisfied with the quality of our Braun buses; I am also completely satisfied with the great guys at Nassau Fire Apparatus…My automotive supervisors who prepare the specifications for our buses and those who oversee the maintenance of these vital pieces of equipment can attest to their superior quality, roadworthiness and workmanship.”

– Donald F. Halbohn
Police Inspector
Nassau County Police Department


Chief XL Type I D-4500

Chief XL Type I F-450nassau-fire-apparatus-braun-chief-xl-f-450-thumb

Chief XL Type III E-450nassau-fire-apparatus-braun-chief-xl-e450-thumb

Chief XL Type III G4500