Mermaid Manufacturing Drug Cabinets—Rx Security During Any Climate

nassau-fire-apparatus-mermiad-manufacturingMermaid Manufacturing climate controlled drug box cabinets allow you to preserve and protect precious medical supplies and drugs, regardless of temperature. Your emergency rescue team contends with many challenges during a call. Worrying about medical and drug supply maintenance shouldn’t be one of them.

Drug and saline storage and maintenance is a serious issue that impacts not only the success of the call but also how your team budgets funding. Because many of the drugs and blood bags transported to the scene must be refrigerated to a specific temperature, having an effective mobile refrigeration unit is imperative.

Nassau Fire Apparatus is a reseller of Mermaid Manufacturing medical division products. This leading manufacturer has mobile refrigeration, drug cabinets and drug box units that can accommodate a variety of emergency rescue vehicles and specifications:

  • Narcotics lock box feature to add to your Medi-Kool Cabinet. This RX security lock-box can be added to an existing cabinet or added to your order.
  • Drug box cabinet with climate control and a safety locking system to secure valuable medications and temperature controlled supplies.
  • Saline storage inside a custom designed stainless steel cabinet. This storage system can accommodate various temperatures and comes with a 3 year factory serviced warranty.
  • Emergency truck air conditioner units from 9,000 to 18,000 BTU’s—your emergency response vehicle will always be climate controlled for Rx security.
  • We also have solutions that provide dual temp (temperature) cabinets.

For more information about our line of Mermaid Manufacturing stainless steel cabinets, mobile refrigeration units and drug boxes, call us or complete our inquiry form for a response within 24 hours.

nassau-fire-apparatus-mermaid-manufacturing-medi-kool-2.0-ss-unit-medium Nassau-Fire-Apparatus-Mermaid-manufacturing-Medi-Kool-747-EXT-Unit-medium Nassau-Fire-Apparatus-Mermaid-Manufaturing-Medi-Kool-Conversion-Kits-remote-condensing
Nassau-Fire-Apparatus-Mermaid-Manufacturing-1.5-Unit-side-view Nassau-Fire-Apparatus-Mermaid-manufacturing-medi-kool-1.8-unit-medium

Why Mermaid Manufacturing for Ambulance Refrigerators and Rx Security?

Mermaid Manufacturing makes emergency vehicle storage and maintenance its #1 priority. From the Medi-Kool temperature-controlled drug box cabinet to vehicle A/C units and truck air conditioners, Mermaid Manufacturing has led the industry in providing the latest innovation to EMS vehicle climate control.

When you add a Mermaid Manufacturing product to your rescue vehicle according to your specifications, you benefit from…

  • Custom sizes in addition to standard MK15, MK20-Stainless Steel and the new MK747-EXTdrug boxes
  • Continuous monitoring system in an electronically controlled temperature environment
  • Months of data stored on your Medi-Kool system that can be downloaded directly to your laptop
  • All units using a system designed to change the core temperature substantial off of ambient
  • Nearly the entire line having the capability to reduce the internal temperature close to 50 degrees off ambient
  • Meeting or exceeding regulatory requirements in certain states with the Medi-Kool line of stainless steel cabinets, drug boxes and saline storage units

Mermaid Manufacturing is the first choice for emergency rescue teams in the New York and Vermont area—add one of these premier mobile refrigeration and drug storage units to your fleet.

Nassau Fire Apparatus can help you outfit your emergency rescue fleet with a Mermaid Manufacturing unit that best services your tactical needs. For more information contact us!