Rescue Tools

When rescue and extrication is what you do…
rely on only the best rescue tools!

When time is of the essence, you need the right tools to save lives. Genesis rescue tools are the best you’ll find in the industry. Firefighters and emergency service personnel depend on these high quality, well-made rescue tools. In New York and Vermont, Genesis rescue tools are made available to you by Nassau Fire Apparatus. When you work with us, you not only receive your firefighter tools in a timely manner, but we also offer on-site training to ensure proper use.

Nassau Fire Apparatus is a leading supplier of Genesis Rescue Systems rescue tools and sets. We know that emergency responders deal with situations of life or death and cannot afford any breakdown of equipment or faulty fire rescue tools. That’s why we choose our partners very carefully. Genesis Rescue Systems has been an industry leader for over 40 years, supplying rescue equipment to millions of first responders.

From training to delivery, Nassau Fire Apparatus carries every device needed to perform optimally as a first responder.  From hydraulic rescue tools to extrication tools, we have the right piece of rescue equipment for every emergency rescue team.

  • Customers receive complete on-site training and assistance by certified rescue equipment experts
  • Full line of Genesis Rescue Systems tool sets or individual custom orders
  • Typical order turnaround time is 8 to 10 weeks
  • Bulk orders are awarded special discounts— ask us
  • On-site rescue tool service and repair

Whether you have a specific rescue tool in mind or need a total set replacement, contact Nassau Fire Apparatus today to fulfill your requirements.

Call Nassau Fire Apparatus at 877-538-8220 or complete our short inquiry form—we’ll respond within 24 hours.


From heavy to light duty rescue tools…
first responders rely on Nassau Fire Apparatus

Because your fire rescue team never knows the full situation until they are in it, Nassau Fire Apparatus offers a complete selection of light to heavy duty tools and extrication equipment.  We know that having the right tool can make the difference between saving a life and letting it slip. Our Genesis Rescue System line-up offers a wide variety to meet every type of rescue scenario.

Unsure what your team needs?  Our staff of certified sales and service representatives can assist you with identifying the right tools you’ll need to make your fire rescue team a success.  We re-certify our employees annually so you are always afforded the latest training and information on rescue tools and usage.

Check out our most popular Genesis rescue tool sets:

  • Eagle Force System—light extrication rescue tool set that includes Mach III Mini Simo and the C165 Cutter
  • Patriot System—light-heavy extrication set offers Mach III Outlaw Simo and C139 Cutter
  • Liberty System—heavy-duty extrication set with a Mach III Outlaw and S49XL Spreader

For all your rescue equipments needs, contact Nassau Fire Apparatus at 877-538-8220. We also welcome you to visit our state-of-the-art facility at 120 Otis Street in West Babylon.



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