Mini Rescue Emergency Vehicle – Arrive at the Scene Fully Equipped

Mini rescue emergency vehicles are a vital component during a crisis situation. Without the essential rescue tools, generators, lighting and EMS equipment, lives could be lost. Your fire, hazmat, or emergency rescue team depends upon a quality mini rescue fully equipped with the devices they need for a successful rescue operation.

Nassau Fire Rescue Apparatus specializes in delivering customized mini rescue emergency vehicles to stations throughout the New York and Vermont area.

  • Leading manufacturer: SJC Industries: Marque/McCoy Miller
  • Customization to include specialty options are available
  • Specialty items include generator prep, Havis scene lights, sliding trays and compartments, under body ground lights…and much more
  • Emergency vehicles equipped with etched-trace power circuits for increased service life
  • Manufacturer warranty on electrical, structural and paint

Each fire station or emergency response unit has different mini rescue needs, so contact Nassau Fire Apparatus today for a complete assessment.

Nassau Fire Apparatus can help you design a mini rescue that best serves your tactical vehicle needs. Call us at 877-538-8220 or complete our short inquiry form for a response within 24 hours.

Mini Rescue Vehicles…Not Your Typical Emergency Vehicle

The difference between our mini rescue emergency vehicles and the rest is that we deliver a customized specialty vehicle based solution designed to support your fire rescue, hazmat or DUI response team. We also take budget into consideration when developing your mini rescue solution. Customers can select from new, pre-owned and demo mini rescues—a wide range to accommodate a variety of budgets.

We’ve been outfitting stations with mini rescues for the past 25 years—put our experience and knowledge to the test by requesting an appointment with one of our specialists.

We also perform maintenance and repairs on our mini rescue vehicles in our 15,000 square-foot, state-of-the-art facility at 120 Otis Street in West Babylon, NY. We have 12 trained and certified technicians and 3 factory trained painters who work within our 14 service bays.

The ideal mini rescue vehicle is here for you at Nassau Fire Apparatus. For more information about our line of mini rescues, rescue trucks and rescue vehicles, contact us at 877-538-8220.


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