Ambulance Remounts FAQs2019-05-14T09:37:00-04:00

What happens during an ambulance remount?

During an ambulance remount, the box module of the old ambulance is placed on a newer chassis setup. This essentially gives the ambulance new life while reusing the components that are built to last longer. Because a decent portion of the old truck is being reused and refurbished, an organization can save a lot of money when choosing to do an ambulance remount instead of purchasing a brand new ambulance.

Can you easily convert a different type truck for an ambulance remount?

Many departments find that they require and need different things from their ambulance fleet as time goes on. One of the main questions that is then brought up when considering an ambulance remount is if a truck can be converted from a Type I to a Type III ambulance or vice versa. This is absolutely possible, and Nassau Fire has the capabilities to handle this conversion, as well as altering the type of fuel (i.e.: diesel to gas) or brand of chassis (i.e.: Ford to Chevy).