Many departments find that they require and need different things from their ambulance fleet as time goes on. One of the main questions that is then brought up when considering an ambulance remount is if a truck can be converted from a Type I to a Type III ambulance or vice versa. This is absolutely possible, and Nassau Fire has the capabilities to handle this conversion, as well as altering the type of fuel (i.e.: diesel to gas) or brand of chassis (i.e.: Ford to Chevy).


With that said, every ambulance remount can be unique in its own way. Nassau Fire takes the time to sit down with a customer and go over all the specs and requirements before doing any actual work. We will always let you know if buying a new vehicle to your exact specifications might actually be better than an ambulance remount. In most cases, though, there is a significant enough cost savings to choosing an ambulance remount over buying a new ambulance instead.

Keep in mind also that, along with converting your chassis or fuel type, Nassau Fire is also capable of totally refurbishing the module of the ambulance as well. Need updated electrical or new cabinetry or a fresh coat of paint? That can all be factored in and done during the remount process!