Nassau Fire Apparatus Becomes Odyssey Automotive Specialty Dealer

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Established in 1979, Odyssey Automotive Specialty produces First Response EMS units, Fire Chief Command units, Specialty Law Enforcement and Commercial vehicles. These creations are based on sport utility vehicles, vans, trucks, trailers, light and medium duty rescue vehicles. In addition to response and specialty conversions, Odyssey Auto also manufactures custom cabinet systems that are built [...]

E-ONE Demonstrates Financial Strength by Being a Part of the ASV Group

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Allied Specialty Vehicles, also known as ASV is an American owned manufacturer of specialty vehicles consisting of some of the top brands in the Recreational Vehicle, Fire, Ambulance, Bus, Terminal Truck and Industrial Sweeper markets. Our partner, E-ONE Fire Apparatus, is proud to be a part of this group that is composed of so many [...]

Odyssey Automotive Specialty Releases New Slide Forward Cabinet System for 2011/2012 Ford Pursuit Explorers

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A manufacturer of custom cabinet systems specifically designed for emergency vehicles, Odyssey Automotive Specialty announced the first new Ford Explorer slide forward cabinet system. Odyssey offers three mounting platforms and all cabinet systems are custom built to order offering unlimited options and designs with only a 3 to 4 week production time. The sliding platform [...]

Genesis Rescue Tools Go To Work on the Chevy Volt in Crash Course 2011

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During Crash Course 2011, there were 10 hands-on stations where 225 students applied their vehicle extrication training to destroy over 200 cars using Genesis Rescue Tools.  Under complicated scenarios, students learned to maintain a high level of safety while freeing victims from vehicle wreckage as quickly as possible. Howell Rescue Systems, Inc. has been doing [...]

Strategic Partnership with Arrowhead Equipment, Inc.

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This week, we are really pleased to announce our strategic partnership with Arrowhead Equipment, Inc. of Queensbury and Albany, New York.  This partnership with Arrowhead Equipment, Inc. will allow us to provide an enhanced, high level of ambulance sales and service to our customers.  For the past 22 years,  Arrowhead Equipment, Inc. has been a top [...]