Established in 1979, Odyssey Automotive Specialty produces First Response EMS units, Fire Chief Command units, Specialty Law Enforcement and Commercial vehicles. These creations are based on sport utility vehicles, vans, trucks, trailers, light and medium duty rescue vehicles. In addition to response and specialty conversions, Odyssey Auto also manufactures custom cabinet systems that are built to your personal specifications and shipped for you to install into existing vehicles.

Nassau Fire Apparatus is proud to join the Odyssey Auto team by covering the sales territory of Long Island, NY.  We are now able to handle the following conversion vehicles and custom cabinetry work:

Conversion Vehicles

  • SUV Conversions
  • Rescue/Utility
  • Van Conversions
  • Trailer Conversions
  • Box Trucks & Large Capacity
  • Step Vans
  • Pick Up Trucks


  • Mini Command Cabinets
  • Command Boards
  • Command Sheets
  • Consoles
  • Express Cabinets
  • Command Cabinets
  • Cabinet Options
  • Cabinet Mounting Platforms
  • Overhead Speaker Console
  • Safety Screen
  • Specialty Cabinets
  • Command Cabinets with Radio Panel
  • Durango & Explorer
  • Inside Command Cabinets
  • EMS Cabinets
  • EMS Transport Cabinets
  • Side Door Cabinet
  • Temperature Control Cabinets
  • Law Enforcement Cabinets
  • Weapons Locker

With strict NFPA standards, trust us and our partnership with Odyssey Auto to deliver the best chief car, step vans, box trucks, and SUV conversion vehicles on the market.  Not only will the vehicle be reliable, but we can build in custom cabinetry to your specifications and needs, making it the perfect addition to your department’s fleet.

Looking for a conversion vehicle to add to your fleet? Already have a conversion vehicle but need custom cabinetry for it? Contact us today at 1-877-538-8220!