FDIC 2012 Followup – Braun Ambulances, E-ONE Fire Apparatus, Marque, McCoy Miller and More!

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FDIC 2012 was another great event for firefighters and fire industry representatives alike. There was estimated to be over 30,000 attendants at this year's FDIC with over 5,000 firefighters engaging in the many training events and stations provided during this infamous week long educational series in Indianapolis, Indiana.  There was a lot of learning as [...]

FDIC 2012 – Nassau Fire Apparatus to Attend

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April is a big month in the fire and EMS services industry. This is because FDIC is in April this year, the largest firefighter training conference and exhibition... and Nassau Fire will be there representing numerous manufacturers! FDIC (Fire Department Instructors Conference) April 16-21, 2012 Indiana Convention Center & Lucas Oil Stadium Indianapolis, IN FDIC [...]

NFPA Releases Important Report on Ambulance Crash Data

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The NFPA recently released a report consisting of a collection of ambulance crash data that included all 50 states.  The Fire Protection Research Foundation (the research affiliate of the NFPA) conducted the study and released their findings in a report called "Analysis of Ambulance Crash Data". The whole reason for the collection of this data [...]

E-ONE Aerial Fire Truck Chosen for Safety Features by Alabama Community

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When a community goes through a devastating disaster together, the first thing they are usually wondering when the dust finally settles is, "How can we be better prepared next time?" After a destructive F4 tornado ransacked the city of Cullman, Alabama, the community fire department debated that question relentlessly as they did what they could [...]

Odyssey Automotive Specialty Releases New Slide Forward Cabinet System for 2011/2012 Ford Pursuit Explorers

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A manufacturer of custom cabinet systems specifically designed for emergency vehicles, Odyssey Automotive Specialty announced the first new Ford Explorer slide forward cabinet system. Odyssey offers three mounting platforms and all cabinet systems are custom built to order offering unlimited options and designs with only a 3 to 4 week production time. The sliding platform [...]

Braun Industries is Recognized by the National Truck Equipment Association in Their Member Verification Program

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Here at Nassau Fire Apparatus, we like to partner with the best people in the emergency vehicle business and applaud them when they are recognized for their work and dedication. With so many competitors and regulations these days in the ambulance and rescue vehicle industry, it is hard to stay on the cutting edge of [...]

2011 Assistance to Firefighters Grant Application Opens Shortly – Are You Ready?

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The Assistance to Firefighters Grant (AFG) offers many fire departments and EMS organizations a chance to apply for money to ensure their firefighters and first responders have the essentials they need to be safe and effective on the job. The key to successfully acquiring this grant money is by preparing your application early - so [...]

2011 Assistance to Firefighters Grant Workshops Now Underway

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Recently, important changes have been made to the AFG Program that you need to know about before you start your application for Firefighter Grant opportunities.  To find out more about the latest changes to the AFG application and Program Guidance, they are offering workshops to explain these changes in detail.  Here you will be able [...]