With the start of 2012, it is time again to review the recommendations and requirements of NFPA to keep all firefighters and EMS workers as safe and healthy as possible for the coming new year. Getting an annual physical exam is no exception to this.  Yet, what if all of the firefighters of your department could conveniently get an in-depth physical exam at their own fire department at the same time on the same day? Now with companies like Inter-State Diagnostic, this is very possible.

Inter-State Diagnostics

Covering the state of New York, Inter-State Diagnostic is an advanced “mobile medical unit” that brings the doctor’s office directly to your fire department.  You simply pick a convenient date and time for your department, and the medical staff comes straight to you! With over 15 years of experience, Inter-State Diagnostics performs extensive physical exams on all firefighters and is acutely aware of the requirements needed to be in compliance with OSHA (Occupational Health and Safety Administration), PESH (Public Education and Safety), and NFPA (National Firefighters Protection Association).  All firefighters can be examined on the same day in the comfort of their fire department instead of each individual firefighter setting up their own separate appointments with their personal physician.

This is not only convenient for the firefighters but also for the department itself as all of the records will be kept completely confidential and in one safe place, helping the department stay organized and efficient.  Also, after the examinations are completed, Inter-State Diagnostic sends a classification breakdown for each firefighter as well as individual certificates of medical clearance for the firefighters that were cleared to use a respirator pack.

It seems this service is too good to be true, which usually leads many people to wonder about how extensive the physical exams really are that Inter-State Diagnostic performs.  However, these exams prove to be very thorough and all-encompassing, including:

  • EKG (heart test with computer and physician interpretation included)
  • Spirometry (pulmonary function test to analyze lung capacity)
  • Audiometry (hearing test)
  • Blood work (includes 47 different lab tests)
  • Urine analysis (testing for glucose)
  • Height, weight and vision testing
  • Complete history breakdown and thorough physical exam with a licensed medical professional who goes over all of the above results
  • Plus countless other tests and vaccinations for firefighters to utilize at their check-ups!

 Inter-State Diagnostic is eager to work with the fire stations of the state of New York and is planning to extend to the tri-state area soon.  For more information on this service visit their website at www.interstatediagnostic.com or give them a call at 631-673-6501!