Today, those in the emergency medical profession must stay educated in order to remain effective in a world of continuous technological advancement. First responders now face new challenges as vehicles adapt to these newer technologies. Now more than ever, the development of new extrication methods and rescue tools are critical to the outcome of any emergency situation.

While using Genesis Rescue tools, Howell Rescue Systems has provided quality education for 23 years. Howell Rescue continues to be the industry leaders in vehicle rescue education by offering hands-on training to first responders, all in an effort to help them save lives.

The 23rd Annual Howell Rescue Systems Spring Extrication Crash Course

May 5th and 6th, 2012 at Montgomery County Fairgrounds in Dayton, Ohio

The 2012 Crash Course from Howell Rescue Systems is the nation’s best extrication class brought to you by a team of talented instructors at the number one vehicle rescue school in the United States. The Nation’s premier two-day advanced extrication training class offers students a hands-on opportunity to learn new techniques and handle new rescue tools specifically designed to help them save lives. Students from all over the world attend in order to attain an in-depth understanding of vehicle rescue.

Representatives attending the course stand to gain an enormous amount of knowledge and experience that they can then take back with them and teach to the rest of their department. The course curriculum provides both beginners and seasoned veterans an opportunity to learn and experience new techniques through an effective hands-on, scenario-based approach. This course is not for the fainthearted, as it will offer intense rescue training on over 200 cars in 10 separate hands-on learning stations.

The 2012 Crash Course features classes designed to teach the following new techniques: air hammer extrication techniques, scenario-based extrication techniques, “under riders” vehicle displacement from under semi-trailers techniques, techniques in displacement with power tools and hand tools, advanced stabilization with a vehicle on its roof and side techniques, techniques for using power lifting air bags, car on roof-floor pan removal techniques, general rescue techniques, side impact extrication techniques, and mechanisms for rapid patient removal. All stations help educate participants on how they can maintain a high level of safety for operators, patients, and bystanders while freeing victims from vehicle wreckage as quickly as possible.

The training provided by Howell Rescue Systems is so popular that this year’s 23rd Annual Crash Course is now fully booked. If you are still interested in attending, please try your luck by signing up on the waiting list. To do so, send your full name, department name, email address and telephone number to Kathy Gelm at or call 800-228-7612.

*All wait list positions are filled only upon availability and on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please only submit two members maximum per department.

To learn more about the 2012 Crash Course from Howell Rescue Systems, visit their website. To see the full line of rescue equipment from Genesis Rescue Systems, please visit the Rescue Tools section of our website.